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Bragg's Wild Bird Seed

Field of sunflowers

Our Mission

Bragg's Wild Bird Seed is committed to providing our customers with products at a competitive price, consistent mixes and a dedicated staff! Looking forward to meeting your needs from bird seed, racing pigeon mixes to horse feed.

Company Profile

Another business specializing in a unique product is Bragg's Wild Bird Seed, where the emphasis is on producing a very clean, high quality product without any preservatives in the finished seed. Bragg's also tries to provide exceptional service, carrying the bags of seed to customers' cars at their on-farm retail store.

Three-quarters of the crops grown here at Bragg's go into making birdseed. Four different kinds of peas are used for pigeon seed, three kinds of corn for pigeon and birdseed, sunflowers, barley, oats for horses. We grow Vetch and hard spring wheat. Soybeans are grown to help with crop rotation. "We keep trying different crops every year," Barry says.

The Braggs still do custom corn drying and storing and some of our crop is still sold on the commercial market. But with corn and soybean prices hitting the skids in 1991, we came up with the idea for a wild birdseed business. We started to grow sunflowers and sell them off the farm.

Now we sell some 75 different products, including wild birdseed products and eight different pigeon feed mixes. We also provide a custom mix service.

The entire family is involved in the business. Anna does the books, daughter Sara helps out at various shows and son Mark does all the growing of crops. In addition to administrative duties Barry helps run the on-farm retail store and helps with mixing the seed.